New Era Student 27th Sep 2022

Koike Welcomes New Era University College

~  27th Sep 2022  ~

In the spirit of developing and engaging with the younger generation of our nation’s future work force, Koike had worked together with New Era University College Management Team to share Koike’s understanding and practices in the manufacturing; logistic and warehouse; and procurement expertise, in order for these students to gain some practical understanding of the industry and prepare themselves for their future challenges.

The educational visit conducted on the 27th September 2022, a total of 80 students from different majors were selected, but of the majority are majoring in logistics. They were divided into two groups. The first 40 students came in the morning around 10am and another 40 students came in at around 2pm in the afternoon.

As the students arrived at Koike, the very first agenda was a grand tour around Koike’s compound. This grand tour was being led by Warehouse Director, Mr Steven and Warehouse Executive, Mr Anson. They walked to all 5 warehouses and Koike representatives explained the different types of warehouses with its purpose and function.

After the grand tour, they were led to the large meeting room for further introduction of Koike where they received a deeper sharing and  understanding of purchasing, logistics and warehousing presented by Koike’s representatives.

Starting with Koike’s overall company introduction and internal corporate structure, this was all presented in detail by General Manager, Mr Chen.

To reiterate and elaborate on what they have learned about warehousing during the grand tour, Mr Steven shared deeper knowledge and his insight on the subject.

Whilst Ms Joyce, Koike’s Purchasing Manager gave a very informative short lecture on logistics and purchasing.

Students were also introduced to Koike’s own e-commerce platform called “rinobee”. Presented by Marketing Executive, Mr Christopher.

After all the presentations were done, a Q&A session was held for the students to ask further questions and seek further clarifications on the topics they shown much interest.

The students were treated to some light refreshment after the Q&A session.

Mr Max Lim, Koike’s COO gave an encouraging short advice to the students on what to focus on in terms of their career.