Koike Introduces FIRST BITE in TCE Baby Expo 21th - 24th July 2022

Koike Introduces FIRST BITE in TCE Baby Expo

~  21st to 24th Jan 2022  ~

From 21st to 24th July 2022, Koike’s FIRST BITE team featured and sold their unique Organic Gluten-Free baby noodles to over 30,000 visitors a day at TCE Baby Expo MidValley. Koike had also invited Paediatrician Dr Chew to host a sharing and Q&A session with the crowd. Dr Chew is a senior Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology fellow practising at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), as well as a medical lecturer at University Malaya (UM).

Check out this snippet about food allergies in babies:


FIRST BITE prepared freshly cooked samples of their Gluten-Free Organic Baby Noodles.

TCE Baby Expo is a well-established event with over 7 years of experience and long-term relationships with respected baby brands in Malaysia. It is considered to be one of the largest and most recognised baby exhibitions in the market, featuring over 1,000 exhibitors in 2022.

The four days exhibition was packed with visitors, a majority of which were mothers and expecting mothers looking for new brands to try or checking out amazing deals. This was a great platform for FIRST BITE to introduce itself to a large audience and share its values of providing affordable organic baby food in the form of noodles, which are a staple of Asian cuisine.

The highlight of the event was a sharing from Dr. Chew, who shared all about food allergies in babies, what foods parents should be cautious of, and the best feeding practices to raise a healthy baby. Parents have a lot of questions and concerns that they might not have the chance to ask, which is why FIRST BITE also additionally arranged the Q&A session as a together learning opportunity for these parents.

During the sharing, Dr. Chew shared the best strategy to start complementary feeding, which includes introducing a variety of healthy foods for babies, such as vegetables, porridge, and noodles.

Throughout the event, many parents were surprised and delighted to know that there are gluten-free, organic baby food options, and even more surprised to see noodles for babies! This interest reflects in the high amount of sales, far exceeding expectations.

Koike looks forward to participating in more events, and introducing FIRST BITE as a pioneer of healthy, organic Gluten-Free baby food in Malaysia.